Perfect location for sightseeing around Biei.Asahikawa Airport 20 minutes, Asahiyama Zoo 40 minutes, Hill of Biei 5 minutes.
The Hotel is located in the base of panoramic Tokachidake moutains ranges.
The building is covered by Biei' bread stones and it provides comfortable spases in the Hotel.We provide a free breakfast which uses Biei's ingredients.
Our destination is to get costomer satisfaction and trust by giving the great service.
We pay attention for protect personal information.
This hotel try to keep safty for protecting personal information.
Purpose of use the personal information We get and use the personal information as below.
  • (1)For reservation, service, and keeping safety of hotel, party, restaurant.
  • (2)For giving the information of hotel service, event, and campaign.
  • (3)Questionally for hotel service and products.
  • (4)To develop our service and new products.
  • (5)Jobs which relates with (1)to(4).
  • (6)Jobs which relates hotel's service and giving products.
  • (7)To guide for event orcampaign.
  • (8)Tocorrespond for inquiry and asking.

  • (For foreign guests from overseas, we will ask each guest for a copy of their passport during the check-in procedure.)
Disclosure to third parties The hotel would not disclosure the personal information to third parties except under situations.
The subcontructors are not as same as the third parties.
  • (1)Consent with customer.
  • (2)Asking based on law.
  • (3)The situations which must protect human's life, body, and property which is so hard to make sure the costomers's consent.
  • (4)When the country or town offiice need to do public business, and need to cooperate, the situation which is dangerous if the hotel try to get costomer's comsent.
  • (5)When giving the information,
    • 1.Purpous for giving to the third parties.
    • 2.The personal dates for giving to the third parties.
    • 3.The methods for giving to the third parties.
    • 4.To responds for one's need to stop the giving information to the third parties. To tell about it to one or to keep the situation which one could know easily, and to stop the giving information by responding one's intention.
  • (6)Hard to identify as indivisual, using for statistics's dates.
  • (7)On our service, we could tell the customer's information when the third person asked customer's name on the phone or talking about staying or not, and staying period. However, we could not tell those information, if customers would ask our reception.
Control the personal information We would pay attention very carefully to protect the personal information.
We educates our employees to protect the personal information.
The hotel would have the retention period of the personal information. After this period, the hotel would discard the informations.
Disclosure, correction, delete, add, stop, and eliminate About the personal information we have, you could ask,
(1)disclosure,(2)correction, delete, add,(3)stop, eliminate, after we make sure one's, we correspond.
In case of the third person's life, health, and property wolu have damage, wold have the damage on hotel's service, when it would be broken the law, we would refuse the part or all of asking.
  • (1)Answering for disclosure.
  • (2)Investigates the asking of correction, delete, add. Then, recollect it.
  • (3)Do the stop and eliminate. Please understand that if we stop or eliminate the information, we might not do asking service.
Changing the privacy policy This privacy policy is a description of using the personal information in the hotel. The customer who use this hotel and service would consent with this privacy policy.
The hotel could chnge the privacy policy anytime.
※If you could not find the vacant room on the Web, there is a still possibility which we could have the vacant room.
Please contact by inquiry. Thank you.
TEL :0166-92-5555
FAX :0166-92-5556
Hokkaido Kamikawagun Biei Motomachi 1-9-21
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